According to Adobe, the proportion of website traffic coming from tablets is higher than website traffic that comes from SmartPhones. While 84% of website traffic still comes from desktops, tablets now account for 8% of website page views. This makes sense, especially since tablets are convenient and have a larger screen size than SmartPhones. Because […]

My Dad is a computer engineer. He’s always passing off useless, but interesting information to me about all things technology.He recently led me to a site which I discovered UX design. UX stands for User Experience design. It seems that with the proliferation of technology, that our day to day lives are being filled with […]

In our society, we are constantly connected to technology. In fact, the first thing I do in the morning is check my iPhone for any new texts, missed calls, and then start checking my 3 personal email accounts, and work email. I get out of bed, stumble around to find my glasses, and then head […]

Social media software, apps and new developments are constantly popping up around the Twitterverse, through Facebook and other social media sites. I’ve recently noticed that more and more companies are using Vine. Vine is a social media tool that enables users to post up to a 6 second video, and can connect the video to […]

The other night, my husband and I were at a Chili’s down the street. We haven’t been to Chili’s in years, and decided to check it out, since we wanted something a bit different. As soon as we walked into the restaurant, we noticed all of these tablets on each table. As we approached the […]

I love when emerging media platforms are integrated with a traditional or non-traditional ideas. Integrating the 2 can make your brand stand out, and gain special interest among consumers. As I was browsing around on some of my favorite sites, I came across an interesting concept on In Rio de Janeiro, the city is […]

As the Internet has enabled companies to grow their businesses to accommodate a global market, mobile technology has become such an important aspect of emerging media. In the United States, only 20% of mobile users are prepaid, but in Egypt more than 92% of mobile users use a prepaid plan due to the expenses associated […]

When it comes to emerging media, we tend to think of the big brands- Coca Cola, Apple, Verizon, etc. These big brands do a great job of connecting with their consumers, but they also have millions of dollars when it comes to their marketing budgets. What about small businesses? How are smaller, locally owned businesses […]

The SuperBowl is more than just football- it’s the only day that marketers and consumers worldwide watch TV for the commercials. In case you missed the SuperBowl last night, or haven’t been plugged in to the Internet today, you can see a full matchup of the SuperBowl commercials here: I love how some companies […]

It is estimated that by 2030, the four most populust emerging markets today- China, India, Indonesia, and Brazil will make up 2/5ths of the global GDP. As marketers, the global economy is shifting. This means that while some U.S. companies are so focused on domestic marketing, there will be a reverse correlation between emerging markets […]